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What’s the very best thing about blogging?


I’ve been asked this question often. My answer: meeting friends with the same interests.

I’m so excited to share one of my greatest friends with you today!

You know when you find that friend that is real, genuine, hilarious, loves you even though you have imperfections, and you love to be around them? That’s Mandi for ya.

She has major crafty skills that make you say “Wow” right out loud, she has an eye for design, and can turn inexpensive items into works of art. I can’t wait for you to see some of her amazing projects and blog! 

    Meet. Mandy.


Whats up ya’ll?!?!

I am Mandi also known by my blogging alias Mandilicous.  (just kidding no one really calls me that except my friend Char) and I blog at Vintage Revivals.




You should read my blog because:

1.  I only do epic projects

2. I use words like “Craptastic”.  I mean who doesn’t love new words? That’s what I thought.

3. It is 100% authentic.  I share everything from the story of my husbands addiction to how to make knockoffs better than the original.

4.  One day I am going to be famous.  Hopefully normal famous, not the E! Story kind of famous.


I am so excited to show you some of my favorite blog projects today!

This is my latest and greatest creation. My homemade Zebra Rug.  Really,  I made it. And this is the best part.  The only thing in that picture (and my entire living room for that matter) that has not been touched by my DIY hand-o-love is my couch.  There is a tutorial for everything you see on my blog.



The most popular post to date on my blog is my Tin Foil Nightstand.  Basically it’s a technique using tin foil, podge and glaze.  You can do it to anything.  I mean obviously not your child or anything but you know what I mean.


Everything that I do is FREAKIN CHEAP.  I am a cheapo.
Vicki, she is the most expensive piece I have bought to date.  She was $50.00. 

vicki 1


I LOVE knockoffs.  Like this Anthro Teapot Lamp.


I have a bunch of tutorials to teach you how to do (angels singing) STENCILS!  Miss Kari’s favorite new trend.

And I am so lucky to be one of Kari’s friends in real life (after blog life though) so if you want to know our life story together and how we became kidney sisters forever click over!



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