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Can I step out of my crafty zone for a minute?

I don’t get personal often.

Most of you know that I’m a pretty private person.

I don’t like to annoy you with programs and ads that I don’t believe in or that I’m not passionate about either.

I try to keep all things creative-based when it comes to Ucreate.

This morning I would love to share one of my greatest passions with you…

I’m not perfect at it. I can do better in this area. I can take time out of my busy schedule more often to focus on helping others.

I believe few things in life can bring more joy in this world than serving others. No matter what our age, religion, personality traits, income, etc. all can benefit by helping others. I think of the last time someone did something kind for my family and how that made us feel.  I think of the times I have helped others and how that made me feel  and more importantly how it made the other person feel.  Both the giver and the receiver benefit from kindness.
My good friend Cheri came to me with her AMAZING idea on how she’s trying to help the relief efforts in Japan. The reason I fell in love with her idea is because she’s taking time to create a beautiful pattern and not taking a dime from it – 100% of the money received selling this pattern goes to a humanitarian aid program that helps Japan.
Please join me in donating $8.00 or more to this fabulous cause!!
Thank you Cheri for taking time to create this beautiful bag pattern and for your HUGE heart to help those suffering!!

Hi!  This is Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  I've been thinking a lot about the devastation that has hit in Japan and I've tried to think of ways to help.  I also tried to think of ways to encourage others to help.  So, here's the idea.  This bag pictured below is a pattern I'm preparing to release next week.  You can pre-order the pattern by donating $8 or more to a humanitarian relief program.  All the money goes to them and you get your pattern next week.  It will be a pattern as well as a full tutorial, making it easy for even beginners.

Click HERE for all the details!


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