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Fabric Friday - Be Ware of Cotton Price Rise

I hate thinking about cost. Don't you? Unfortunately it is a part of life. I don't want to ruin your Fabric Friday but.... something is happening. The rise of cotton prices, which means the rise in quilt fabric cost.
Here is a chart for the value/price of cotton in the past couple years. Wow! Look at that rise. Don't we wish that was our bank accounts and investments, yep. Yesterday I was dropping off a quilt and I overheard a lady that works at Elaine's Quilt Shop in the Salt Lake City area saying that the retail price of quilt fabric will be over $11.00/yard as new fabric comes out this year. Can you believe that?
We will be all using more of our stash. Aren't we so incredibly glad we have it (ha). But really we will have to all be aware of the rising prices and figure out how to cope. So now that I've been Debbie Downer, on to pretty beautiful fabrics.
I love vintage and I love fabric. So what can be better than this novelty vintage patterns fabric.
Those little girls mixed with buttons and fabric/notions are so cute. They speak of happy times and cheaper prices.
I love sewing notions, love vintage and love fabric - this piece has it all. You know I never had a store bought dress until I was in college. This fabric is my childhood.
This piece is a bark cloth repo of a vintage piece. I had a little bit of this in vintage form that I have used and fussy cut so when I saw the reproduction I needed a bit for my kitchen fabric collection.
One way I figure on coping with rising fabric prices is to reduce the size of fabric I purchase. Fat quarters are my friends. However, with huge scale prints like this it doesn't really work since the design just gets cut off.
But with smaller scale like this one above, I can get away with fat quarters when I absolutely have to have a specific print.

Have a good weekend. I have so much to do outside my sewing room but I still hope to get in a bit of stitching.



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