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Further Adventures in Teaching Abby

Yet another story about Abby's schooling, but this time it isn't so much our accent as her rather inventive little mind. :) Sarah had to go with Mama to the dentist the other day to watch the younger ones while Mama went back into the appointments with the child whose turn it was. Abby was getting bored and restless, so Sarah had her pick up a book and try to read words out of it.
We happen to own this particular book, so Abby knew the storyline. When she came to the word "sandwiches" she started to sound it out.


She appeared puzzled over the mention of sand, since this book has nothing to do with the beach. Sarah reached over and pointed at the word. Now, I must admit here that went we say the word "sandwich" quickly, you don't really hear the "nd" comes out more like "samwich". :P
So Sarah set out to help Abby finish reading the word:

"See, sand....wiches....Sandwiches."

Abby gasped and looked frightened. Her eyes were very wide as she asked, "Sand-Witches? What are those?" :)

As you can see, she's just a teensy bit random at times, but SO adorable! :) It's great fun teaching her to read! ~Rachel


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