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Golden Quilter Awards

Have you heard about the Golden Quilter Award giveaway bonanza happening over at Sew Cal Gal's blog? There are some amazing prizes from some wonderful sponsors including Fat Quarter Shop, C&T Publishing, The Electric Quilt Co. and many others. If you haven't entered, you might want to head on over to vote for the "Best Designer", "Best Quilt Store", "Best Author" and many other categories. Voting closes on March 31st.

But wait! Before you head over, there's a funny little something i'd like to share with you about this...

I was on Twitter last week and Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop tweeted to ask me if i knew i was nominated for a "Lifetime Achievement Award". I had no idea what she was talking about, so i clicked on the link she sent (to the Golden Quilter Award nominations) and saw that sure enough, my name was listed as a nominee under #9 which reads: "Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement". I tweeted back to Kimberly that it must have been a typo! I mean just read that list of people; Pat Sloan, Alex Anderson, Eleanor Burns, Fons and Porter, Bonnie Hunter, Lynette Jensen...and me?? Helloooo!? It would take me another lifetime to achieve what any of these people
already have. It's true.

So first, i would like to thank the sweet and generous person who nominated little ol' newbie me for this category. It is truly an honor beyond-the-beyond that you have afforded me the chance to see my name printed in a list among these amazing people. Their contributions to the quilting world and their dedication to teaching, innovation, and creativity are things that i have immense respect for and someday aspire to, but have by no means achieved. If anything, it reminded me of how far i have yet to go in order to be remotely comfortable with this kind of recognition. In all honesty, i felt really awkward about it (even though it's all in good fun) and just wanted to share my thoughts with you in case you've already seen it and were scratching your head too!

Which is why rather than asking you to vote for me, here are 5 reasons NOT to vote for me:

1. i just learned to use my walking foot!
2. the only quilt blocks i know by name are "nine-patch" and "disappearing nine-patch"
3. if sewing feet didn't come with letters imprinted on them, the only one i would be able to identify for sure is the button-hole maker (i'm not even sure that's what you call it and i definitely don't know how to use it!)
4. when i do sew, i use my seam ripper almost as much as my sewing machine
5. half-square triangles are currently the outer-limits of my piecing skills

These are definitely not the traits of a lifetime achiever! Ok, i feel a little better now. And thanks to all of you who have already not voted for me.


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