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I'm Baaaaaack

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Balmy, intoxicating, captivating. That's where I've been for the last week.
Now that I'm home again, it's hard to believe I was ever there. It was a dream, a blink of an eye, an ethereal vision.

Sometimes a person needs to escape reality, even for only a few days. Hey, I'll even take a few a good movie and dinner, getting lost in a really great book, a relaxing massage, a hot bath with candles.

But this was better, WAY better. True, it's all a mirage now, but it was real for a while, and that made all the difference. I'm refreshed and ready. Bring on the kids, the dog, the phones, the computers, the cooking, laundry, know the drill.

Here are just a few pictures I captured on my trip to Cabo. I hope you can relax a bit and pretend you are there too as you take them in.

Thanks to Kirk and Jackie, our neighbors and friends who shared their beautiful home with us! We were spoiled beyond belief!

I got a pretty good tan for being there only a week. That is something that will fade away with time. (A really short time actually) But our memories will take much longer to fade. Then it will be time to go back again!! Hint hint;)

Just wanted to share that with you. I hope you enjoyed your little moment in Cabo!


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