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More Spring Sewing on it's Way


We here in snowy Utah are still stuck smack in the middle of winter. We get little glimpses of spring once in a while, but then we get a big fat reminder that in fact it is still winter, so... "don't get too excited". We are forced back into our stark reality, and can only dream of springtime and warm sunny days, green leaves, freshly mowed lawns, birdies singing, flowers blooming, fragrant breezes blowing... you know what I mean.

So in times like this I fall back on the fact that springy fabrics can almost make me believe it's already here.
Soire'e. That was my fave springtime fabric line.
So in planning for my new patterns, I decided to practice on the "Suntop" version of the Sundress, (remember when I was at the hotel and I made a little sundress?) and make a little pair of shorts and sunhat to match.
There will indeed be a pattern for this. I think it's going to be called:
Named after my little grand daughter Lola...just 10 months old!
Here it some of my favorite Soire'e prints. YUM!

I really needed my little Halle Rose to be here to try this on for you. Darn!

Hopefully you will be able to sew with these around May-ish. Maybe before! They will be sized for 6months to 6 years.

Won't it be fun?
(picture at the top of this post was sent to me by a blogworld friend. Thanks for the sweet spring face of your little girl!)

Sew springy sweet!


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