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New Blog: Homestitched

Let me introduce you to…

Meet Ellie.

“When I started sewing about 7 months ago I literally did not even know what "right sides together" meant. I've come a long way. In fact, before I got my sewing machine, the only "sew" related materials I owned were a few different colors of thread and a needle. You know, in case a button fell of a my husbands suit jacket or something. At which point I would promptly dig out the kit and hand it over to him so he could fix it himself.
Once I started sewing, I became addicted. I literally dream about things I want to make.  I'm nowhere near as good as I'd like to be, but I'm working at it. I needed a place to catalog my ideas and stay connected with other crafty bloggers, so here I am.”
Ellie, you’d never know you’re a newbie to sewing and you’re right it is sooo addicting!!
What can you find over at Homestitched you might ask?!

These beautiful Anthro-Knock Off Pillowcases

…this adorable 3 Tiered Skirt


…fun Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables and that’s just the beginning!


Ellie thank you for sharing your creativity with us and welcome to this

crazy, crafty blogging world!! 


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