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Thanks so much for "standing by". And for you super sleuths who were wondering about the bands of colors in that last post...well, you'll just have to keep that magnifying glass handy for some upcoming clues. But i'd say you're hot on the trail..

In the meantime, this is a little random (and still not the ravioli lesson!), but i'm always excited when i learn a new word and it sticks enough for me to remember it — either because of its sound or it's just fun to say or because its meaning is something so magical and amazing that it's too hard to forget. This word has everything going for it:
Have you noticed that maybe you wake up a little earlier because it's lighter outside in the morning? Or maybe you feel more energetic now that the days are getting longer? Or maybe there's an extra little lift to your spirits knowing that we're rounding the corner to Spring? You feel it too? I sure do!

And you don't have to look to hard to see evidence of this phenomenon. In fact, the other day while i was watering my houseplants, i noticed that after being dormant all winter, they've all quite suddenly started to grow again. Yup, zeitgebers at work. My Hoya went from this:
to this (in less than a week):
And our Madagascar Jasmine has started to send out new vining shoots:
So has my Passion Flower:
Temperature is another zeitgeber, and i'm ready for that one to kick-in around here so i can finally put these sweaters and boots away! How about you?


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