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rags to riches

I started this quilt last Friday, on a whim, and I pulled it out of the dryer yesterday afternoon. It was such a quick project that it never made it to the in progress list. I'm not complaining one bit! That list needs some serious slimming down. And soon!
Here's the front.
And this is the back. I was worried about the color palette being a bit too broad, but it worked out just fine in the end. Phew!

It's quilted as it's made and it's not bound. Once it is assembled and the edges are clipped, all you have to do is wash and dry it. Easy enough! I have to admit, I went into this quilt having my doubts. But I'm pleased as punch with the results.
 Before washing...
And after. :) It has such a great texture and weight. This is a different color palette than my normal, so it actually matches my house quite nicely. Hurray for that!!!
My daughter did a quick test run for nap-worthiness. I think it's gonna work just fine! This quilt is an instant favorite with my kids. Yay! I really, really like it, too!

It measures approximately 48" x 60".

A few thoughts on making rag quilts....

The process is messy! I used charm packs, which tend to shed a lot in the first place, then there was the clipping. There was a dust bunny fest in my craft room. It may have needed cleaning before, but definitely after!

The quilt wasn't all that impressive during the process. It took on a whole new life after washing and drying.

The best batting to use inside the squares is warm and natural or warm and white. The few 80/20 scraps I had were too puffy. The charm squares tended to shift a lot more than with the thinner batting.

Assembling the blocks was not my favorite part. I found it hard to sew very close but not over the layers of batting. The bulk of the batting kept pushing my walking foot to the side. I just did the best I could and tried not to stress over it.

The clipping was tedious and it started to hurt after awhile. Thankfully I had a good friend to talk to on the phone while I did the bulk of that. It made it much more pleasant. :)

Even after washing and drying, this quilt is still shedding. I'm fairly certain that will settle down after a bit. Here's hoping!


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