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Ravioli: The Edible Pillow

Waaaay back in January, you may have read this post on my blog. Yes, i've been promising a ravioli-making tutorial for some time and am finally delivering on that promise. Feels good to come through on this at last! If you're interested, click here to view/print/download a step-by-step, fully photo-illustrated tutorial on how to make these yummies. The file is a little big, so please be patient while it loads.

I have to say the whole process of writing out these instructions was a very interesting (and new) exercise for me. So was trying to take pictures with one flour-covered hand. So was making sure not to skip a step in the writing part because i usually turn into a ravioli-making robot when i make these. And so was trying to come up with a ravioli language to describe what to call the various parts (note the overuse of the word "blob"). If any of you write patterns for quilts, crafts or any kind of DIYs, i applaud you. Actually, who am i kidding? How about a standing ovation!

Plus, you might be interested to know that i'm a rightie, but my left hand had to do all the action shots so i could take pictures. And let's just say i'm not someone who can pat their head and rub their tummy at the same time. So i sure could've used a right-hand stunt double ;)

As a bonus, i also included a very simple (and delicious) Garlic Tomato Sauce recipe. Enjoy!

p.s.: if you like to sew, these are better than real pillows because once you're finished making them, you can eat them.
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