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When it Comes to the Kitchen...

...I'm a heavy-metal girl. Cast-iron style! :) This post has absolutely nothing to do with heavy-metal music (I despise that sort) but everything to do with my love-affair with the ironmongery trade! ;)
Nothing cooks like my cast-iron skillet. Please don't bother me with raptures over non-stick pans. They won't last fifty years like my baby. ;) I'd love to get one of these:It would be perfect for making our beef stew in while we are camping! :)Everything cooks perfectly in cast iron, provided you don't let it burn...pancakes...eggs....stir-fry....
Deep dish apple pie... :) It's stove worthy, fire-worthy, oven-worthy....the perfect tool. Hey *whispers* I've also heard it makes a pretty great weapon ;)

Ahhh....I love my skillet! :) Now ya'll know what to get my for my wedding present someday! <3


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