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Cherry Cheesecake

It feels so good to be back to sewing with lots of things going on around market and after market at my house. I've been working little by little on Lori's Cherry Cheesecake quilt pattern. Out of all Lori's new patterns this one is my favorite, although it was really hard to choose.
I started making my quilt when we had our little friend retreat after market. It was nice to get personalized instruction from Lori.
I have all my 12 Dresden's sewn and appliqued. They are so cute. I'm seeing Sew Cherry everywhere!
I have my cherries appliqued. I cut the white squares larger than the circles so I could applique and then size the circle. I like cutting blocks down after they are completed. If you look closely my cherries are not all the same size. I'm not sure how that happened! And a few cherries are a little imperfect but that is okay. Real cherries aren't perfect. I'm not good at embroidery. Lori got me started but some of my applique is "wonky" (yes I said it). I'm really okay with that, too. I got a little better at embroidery as I went on and my confidence increased.
This is the only block finished so far. But I will have more finished by the end of the week.
Sew Cherry is Sew Fun! Which is your favorite new pattern by Lori?


P.S. I don't know about everyone else but I am having trouble (again) leaving comments on blogs and even seeing page views. Maybe it is just me. Anyway, hard to blog hop when it gets like this. So hi to you from me.


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