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Meet Kristen.

{in case you haven’t yet!}

“Photography has always been a passion of mine.  Growing up, my camera was never very far away. Back in the day, I learned how to develop film in the darkroom, but now my computer is my darkroom.  As a mother, I know how important it is to capture your children at each stage.  I wish I could bottle them up and hold them there forever, and with photography…I can.  I never have to fully let go of the joy and wonder of childhood.  My husband and I have 4 adorably entertaining children, and we’ve been in North Austin for nearly 8 years.”


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I completely understand the desire to have that perfect (smiling/looking at the camera) family portrait, but I also think it is important to capture the intimate moments as families interact with each other. It is in those moments, the side that most people don’t get to see of themselves, 

that we truly get a glimpse of our family as they really are.”


Kristen is an incredible photographer! How do I personally know that?

When I found out she was coming to Utah, I snagged her up immediately to take my family photos. Let me show you a quick few…





…my kids loved her and she even got my little Emmalee to smile a few times {which is really saying something}!

You can see more of the photo session here. I have to mention that her husband was a great help, too…they make an awesome couple and team!


Want to create beautiful photos and learn from the pro?

Kristen offers many different options for you:

1. Her “Say NO! to Auto” Ebook

just say no to auto

2. Photography Workshops

3. Skype Mentoring


Also find Kristen on Facebook!


The best part though?!


Meeting and chatting with a friend! Oh and I have to just say that I couldn’t get over how cute her felt necklace was. Thanks for everything Kristen!


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