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Creative Guest: DIY Giant Buttons by Kami at No Biggie


Hi Ucreate Readers! I'm Kami from NoBiggie. I'm so excited to be Kari's creative guest today! I love Kari! I always love to see what she shares. On my list of Ucreate craft ideas to try: - DIY Baker's Twine - Kid's Play Tent


We recently redid our front room to be my craft room, and I made this "Make Stuff" sign for the wall. To go along with the sign, I wanted to make some giant buttons. I also found this giant pair of scissors at my local craft store (that I spray painted gold) to go along with them. Today I want to share with you how to make these giant buttons.


DIY Giant Buttons What you need: - 3 styro foam discs (I have one that is larger than the other two) - 3 styro foam rings (these match the sizes of the discs) - 1 styro foam cutter - 1 bottle of Magikote by DecoArt - paint or spray paint (colors of your choice) - hot glue gun - pencil - something round to trace smaller circles To start, you need to cut 4 small circles in the styro foam discs to make them resemble giant buttons.

To do this, grab a pencil and something small and round to trace. I had these chipboard circles that worked great.


Next you will need to use this styro foam cutter. This tool is about $20 at the craft store. It is really neat. it makes it possible to make a clean cut into styro foam as it burns a hole into the styro foam where ever you place the tip of the tool.

As you can see here, it cut the circles out clean...with ease too (I might add). I know I will be using this tool a bunch more in the future with my kids school projects.

Once you have the circles cut out, you will start coating the styro foam with Magikote. This stuff makes the styro foam look and feel smooth so that you can paint right over it. It does take a couple of coats and some dry time in between, but the end result is neat.

Then you will hot glue the two pieces of each button together and then paint or spray paint the entire button what ever color you'd like (this is the fun part!). I ended up spray painting mine: silver, gold and red.

Then when you are all finished, you can hang them up on the wall. Pretty fun, eh?! :) Thanks Kari for having me today! *For more craft tutorials like this, I'd love to have you join me at NoBiggie! :)


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