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Day at the Park and Lollipop-Lola in stock now!

Hello Blogworld friends...

Summer has finally arrived here in Utah...although there is still a lot of snow in the mountains!
The warmer temperatures have gotten me out on my bike and outdoors a lot more, which is always a good thing for me. Since quilt market I have felt like some sort of hermit... all locked away inside drawing up diagrams and writing instructions for weeks and weeks! I am so glad that I am almost finished creating my patterns!
As you may know, Day at the Park shown below...

And Lollipop-Lola shown below...

...are both ready to ship! You can order them by clicking on any of the patterns for sale on the right sidebar (until I can get them up there too) to go to the pattern shop, where you will see all of my current patterns.

The Posie Bag, another new pattern, is now complete and is going to the printer. You will be able to get it soon as well, but not quite yet. Pre-orders are available now.

I know that many of you who attended quilt market saw and were interested in my new organizer pattern (to go with my new laminated cottons), which I am still working on day and night, between bike rides to clear my head. It's a BIGGY...and has required a lot more time than usual, because of all of the components it will have. I am even considering publishing it in book form because of how many pages and diagrams it has in it.

I don't believe I ever blogged about it, so here we go!

First up is the Laptop Case, which is multi-sized to fit two common laptop sizes. It is padded, and has multiple pockets to fit all your laptop components. Besides that, it comes with two exterior options: the buckled strap option:

Or the Big Flower option below:
Here is an inside view:

Next up are the little satchels: There are several of them:

Aren't they cute?
Below is an interior view to show the multiple zippered compartments. These could be used for make-up, first aid supplies, manicure supplies, sewing or art supplies... the sky is the limit!

This one below is the travel toiletries bag, which is for your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and any other important little indispensables. Just roll it up and go...and wipe it clean if needed!

And last but not least is the amazing art supplies organizer! This is a winner for any mom that has little budding artists in the family! It can have the same buckled strap exterior option...

Or you can do it with the big flower you saw earlier as well.
See inside (below) to view all the great pockets and zippered pouches that will keep all your art supplies and your tablets or coloring books nice and neat! (And carry-able!)
PS: You don't have to use it for art supplies of course, but that's my favorite:)

Now you might not expect to get all of these designs in one pattern, but I am just crazy enough to do just that!
This pattern has already been featured on two different television programs for DIY-ers and crafters, and will be featured in a prominent European craft magazine as well.

TO BE AVAILABLE mid to late keep on your toes for the release!

Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far... hope you will have lots of great summer outings and vacations, lots of watermelon and shaved ice...lots of swimming pools, movies and barbeques with loved ones! If you live in Australia, and are looking at winter...I guess I hope you enjoy cooler weather and a break from the summer routine! (My winter was just too long...I am having trouble going there right now!)

OH...and one more thing...if you own a quilt shop and would like to order some of my new Lola's Posies fabric collection or laminated cottons, please be advised that there is a killer special going on for those who are purchasing my fabric to get a bunch of my patterns for free with purchase!
Ask your Riley Blake representative for more details! It's a limited time offer, and will only be given to the first 20 shops to act! So don't's a fabulous deal!



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