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Fabric Friday and Floss

When I was at spring Quilt Market I met lots of fabulous quilters and blog friends. One of them was sweet and talented Sharon, formerly of Red Geranium Cottage and now of Daisy Cottage Quilting. Sharon is loads of fun and those of you familiar with her blog already know that.
Sharon has some great things at her new store. One thing that I really like is this Lecien yarn died fabric. It is like homespun fabric only fabulous. It is smooth and soft and has no wrong side. It is great for making little kitchen towels, embroidering and just where you don't want a wrong side to show. It really works great for any project. I needed some yellow yarn dyed and Sharon sent me this beautiful set of fabrics in delicious colors. Thanks Sharon.
I also expressed interest in some embroidery thread since this is going to be my hobby away from quilting (I've decided). I really am lousy at embroidery but one of my sewing room goals for 2011 was to make stitch embroidery projects and get better. Sharon sent me this really lovely buttery embroidery floss/thread imported from Australia. Don't those Aussies do the best embroidery! I'm excited to use this. Thanks so much Sharon. I believe in good tools. And this Cosmo thread is going to be a great embroidery tool when I get going, right!? Nice colors and it is such good quality. This is not your grandmother's floss.
Little did I know when I started dreaming of my new embroidery hobby that Lori had a custom giftie for me. Look how cute that bucket is. It is a beautiful bucket full of my new embroidery hobby.
Lori thought of everything. She is a queen of embroidery. She put in her favorite flour sack towels, her favorite frame and her favorite needles. A perfect marriage for my new perfect floss.
In the bucket were these rolled up papers.I won't unroll all of them to show you but they are vintage embroidery patterns ready for me to trace and make. I can stitch kitchen towels or even turn the patterns into quilt blocks. Thanks so much Lori. I'm really excited to build my stitching skills. I have a little book of stitching directions I can tuck into my on the go bucket. Fun.
Now for some Allison time. My friend Diane, who has her own super cute little grand-toddler, was saying I could up my nanny brag level on the blog. So here goes. She's in her ball pit that Aunt Tracey gave her looking deceptively tame.
Allison in a moment of angst. Toddlers lead the most stressful lives.
Oh I know how to spoil her. However, she started eating it from the cone side right after taking this photo.
And she's our little dirty faced princess. That is the life of a toddler. Your face is always dirty but everyone is there to spoil and give you attention. Life is good when you are 21 months old.




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