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Studio Gallery will be opening it's doors this Holiday Weekend on First Friday to welcome anyone looking for a little taste of art in spice up their evening!

Bring out of town friends and family to see some work that might just inspire and thrill them more than Monday's Fireworks!

New members Trish Palasik and Sally Levie have an incredible show downstairs where sculpture and drawing seamlessly and beautifully play off each other.

Upstairs the viewer takes flight as Suzanne Goldberg's paintings take them on a journey from East to West coast. Inspired by Anselm Kiefer Goldberg's rich textured canvases have a unique dimensionality that feels intricate and malleable.

First Friday is from 6-8 pm at 2108 R. Street NW. Also stop by Alex Gallery, Gallery A, and Hillyer Art Space for more artistic experiences.


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