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Periodically I change my little entryway set-up for seasons and times. Recently I went with a Hive theme. I have such great bee and hive related items. It makes me happy to see some of them out for display. I have quite a collection and below are just a few of my items.
This is how it looks today when you come in my front door.

My in-laws gave me the hive with the drink spout. That will be fun to use. They also gave me the hive canister jars. I put candy in them and now Allison discovered where the candy is kept.
I have the bee cake saver, bee plates and bee vase out, too. You can't see the plates too well in this photo but they are definitely bee and hive related.
I really love this quilt. And I'm going to remake it. I have some bee fabric I'm dying to use.I even changed the quilt hanging on my sewing room wall this weekend. All things Hive!



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