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Random Bullet Points Post!

Time for another of these popular posts! ;)
  • I'm soooooo excited about the ball on Saturday! Especially because I have a brand new handmade-just-for-me Civil War dress to wear!!! =)
  • As Mom only has 56 days left til her due date, and is at a doctor's appointment today, I've been thinking about what it will be like to have a baby in the house again. Diapers?? Naps?? Hearing an infant cry as a regular occurrence?? Highchairs, Pack-'n-Plays , and Sippy Cups?? =D FUN!!
  • Almost exactly a year ago, Rachel and I had the privilege of meeting our first and only (so far) Bloggy friend, Miss Jo March! :)
  • Bumble-bees have "abumdumums" according to our cousin, Michael. (I think he meant "abdomens" :D
  • *sigh* The Horn Worms Return.... :(
  • I got my first foreign mail or package today!! *squeal* And I love it! Thank you, Anne!
  • I want to make bucket list sometime soon. (they sound fun!)
  • Why can't either our computer or Blogger let me post some pictures on here???!!! :(
  • I can't wait til this weekend for another reason: a visit from Abigail, Sam, BJ, and Anna!!
  • Does anyone else think that *everything*'s being scheduled this Saturday?? I've been invited to 3 things!
  • I want to do several posts that require pictures from this computer....but....they won't upload!
  • Can anyone not love Broadway songs??!!!!!! *sigh*
  • The Andrews Sisters' songs have planted themselves in our brains.....You stay in our house long enough, and you'll most likely hear one of these lines:
"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, please let me explain...."

or this one:

"Choo-choo to Broadway, foo Cincinnati, don't get icky with the one, two, three..

I like oysters, lobsters too,
I like my tasty butter fish, fooo
When I come home late at night
I get my favorite dish, fish."

  • Much to Rachel's delight, squash are coming in by the laundry basket, which means plenty for our customers and extra! What we do? Make this great casserole!!!
  • I can't wait until Rachel's order is delivered....namely the 1995 version of P&P!! :)
  • The weather today!!!Can anyone say gorgeous? Seventy-three degrees feels like bliss after all those 98-100 days! +D
Alright! Hope that was worth your while! :)


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