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Sally Levie's "Thoughtful"

Sally Levie's "Thoughtful" evokes an array of sensibilities from beauty and inspiration to sorrow and subtle desperation. It is an astonishing piece that engages the onlooker with the nude woman sitting in a poised and secure position full of complete melancholic contemplation.

Levie created this piece of art as a single figure sketched lightly and without a distinct surrounding or landscape, forcing the viewer to empathize solely with this elusive woman. The posture this woman takes of nude vulnerability impresses not only her individual solitude upon the viewer but the own viewer's as well, acting almost like a window towards a psychological revelation or a mirror of our own innerness. As we find ourselves withdrawing from aspects of the external world that seem to betray our own intuitions, we begin to occupy ourselves with ourselves and our own individual irrational desires. Thus, rather than this piece being an individual gazing upon another, it acts almost like a mirror image of our own internal senses.

"Thoughtful" is a wonderful work of art that must be experienced and seen. We encourage anyone who is interested to stop by Studio Gallery to truly engage yourself with this piece of art as well as the many other artworks that Levie has on display. Sally Levie's artwork will be on display until July 16 so don't miss out!

-Priscilla son, University of Virginia '13


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