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Society: Blunders and Brilliancy Movie Quote Contest

Okay everyone! It's that time again...I know it is a bit of a silly habit, but around our house, we like to quote movies. We try not to quote them excessively, but script-writers are witty people and when personal wit is lacking and there is a quote that absolutely, perfectly fits a situation.....they just..."Pop out!" to quote Miss Steele from Sense and Sensibility. ;) So yes, to make a long post short, welcome to the O.F.V.F.U.T. (Our Family View From Us Two) Movie Quote contest! :) I am debating what I ought to theme this quote contest....mayhap I ought to theme it Society: Blunders and Brilliancy...yes. I like that. So changing the name of this contest to Society: Blunders and Brilliancy Movie Quote Contest, we move on!

As always, your job is to leave a comment telling us what movie the quote is from, and, if possible, who said it. :) You get one point for each correct answer, and an extra point for telling us who said the quote. :) We'll tally up at the end and the winner will be announced! :) Without further ado, we begin:

1. "It's just this new small-talk: You do it so well!" "Well, if I did it properly, then what was you sniggering at?"

2. "Yes, the library is fine. I wish I read more....I prefer being out of doors....of course, I can read...and I'm not suggesting one can't read out of doors..."

3. "It's bad...." "Are you blind?! You look like a circus clown!"

4. "You must give us either one thing clever, or three things very dull indeed."
"Three things very dull indeed...well, that will just do for me."
"Oh, but there may be a difficulty. You must limit it to only to three at once."

5. "Dancing is the ornament of every polished society."
"And every unpolished society--every savage can dance."

6. *Gun shot* "Boring conversation anyway. Luke! We're gonna have company!"

7. "Oh hey! What are you doin' here? I mean, it is your house but...."

8. "Cynthia. If you must have the last word, please don't let it be a truism."

9. "You may, like us, admire her hair from a distance without taking the liberty of touching it."

10. "I can hardly believe my ears!"
"*We* can hardly believe your mouth!"

11. "More at home here, than in Vienna? In all your glittering salons, gossiping gaily with bores I detest, soaking myself in champagne...."

12. "No light propitious shone..."
"Edward, you have no passion. Read it like this: "No LIGHT propitious shone!"

There you go! Have fun guessing! ~Rachel and Sarah


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