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Studio Gallery Intern Review

The striking landscape "Ile en France" by Suzanne Goldberg uses an array of colors to show how light dances off of the ocean to reflect values of light onto the surface of a cliff. As I look at the painting, my eyes go straight to the sparkling water and how the different values of blue and purple make it come to life. I love how at the base of the cliff the reflection of the cliff is seen because of the green in the water. The use of light is amazing in the piece because of howbthe darker areas are closer to the viewer and the light areas are further away, this gives the painting a realistic depth of field. The shadows in the cliffs provide texture and contribute to the piece's realistic feel. While gazing at this scene, you can almost here the calm waves of the ocean against the cliffs. Suzanne's brilliant use of light and color really bring this piece to life and would be a lovely addition to ones home.

Asia Reynolds
Virginia Commonwealth University


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