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Trish Palasik's "Possibilities"

"Possibilities" by Trish Palasik: "The nude woman's figure flows upward into space, leaving the viewer wrapped in its remarkable essence. This piece stands alone in a powerful way, from the emphasis on the nudes large sculpted legs, to her wholesome rounded torso. Palasik's use of marble resin with deep green hues channels a natural organic connection form and color, centering the piece."

When focusing on this "Possibility" one notices the movement of this piece as a rhythm- From the top of the seemingly distant, unemphatic head, which then carries eye to the chest of the figure, and then to the lengthy arms draped behind the figure with hands together, and finally in a repetition of shapes. Together those elements provide a harmony within the piece, pulling the viewer to walk around the sculpture, to observe from different perspectives, in a continuing experience.

Palasik quotes: "Creating art is about transformation" Indeed her manipulation of mediums to create sculpture allows her to transform her ideas into reality.

Tiffany Green- Marymount University


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