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the ugly duckling quilt

This quilt top was made by my sister. She didn't like it, but I did. When she asked me if I wanted it, I said "sure." So you see, I rescue not only fabric, and quilt blocks, but you can add quilt tops to the list, too. Are you noticing that this issue runs deep? Really deep.

The quilt top came home with me and it sat in the "to be quilted" stack for awhile. When I finally got around to finishing it, it went quick. Love baby quilts for that reason. I did a simple stipple all over in neutral thread.
I backed it with a brown dot from JoAnn's from their nursery collection, which has GREAT dots, by the way.
The binding is David Walker robots. I LOVE that fabric! I love how the binding completes this quilt so nicely.

My husband was going to give it to a co-worker, but I love it so much that I might stash it and keep it for someone that I actually know. It never hurts to have an extra baby boy quilt on hand. It seems like a lot of my friends are pregnant and someone is bound to have a boy.

The quilt measures 40" x 50". I'm so happy to see this finished! So, Clair, what do you think?


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