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We Found Out What This Baby Is....

Okay everyone! It's a very long story that I won't go into detail to tell, except to say that Jesus protected our baby from what could have been a nasty condition because of Mama's blood-type, (Mama's blood cells see the baby as a germ or disease they need to fight and kill toward the last few weeks of her pregnancy if she doesn't have a shot, and she didn't get the shot in time) but they got an ultra-sound and the condition is not there! Praise the Lord! :) And we ended up knowing what the baby is! We are having a little boy! :D I am *SO* excited! We haven't had a boy in nine-and-a-half years!!! :) And he may be born a couple days after my birthday! :) So here's a picture of our wee lad! :) (this is a profile view of him. He's turned sideways with his face turned upwards. :) Doesn't he look like he's giving a kiss? ~Rachel

Oh yes! And please don't forget to enter our Society: Blunders and Brilliancy Movie Quote Quiz! I simply *had* to post about this, though I generally don't do two posts a day! :)


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