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Fabric Friday - Inspiration without Fabric

It is Friday but I have no fabric to show today. Instead I thought I would show things inside and outside that inspire me.
I have red roses in several areas of my yard. I love the color of a red rose. It is so pure. And red is so beautiful, especially set with green. Red and green don't always have to say Christmas.
I love fabric with flowers on it. Don't we all? My yard is quite busy, just like my quilts. Lots of untamed growth.
My hollyhocks inspired my post theme today. I really love roses but I love hollyhocks more. I got my first hollyhock seeds from Jeanette at Piper's Quilts and Comforts in the Salt Lake area. Jeanette has fantastic hollyhocks growing to the side of the shop. I also got my first Japanese fabric at Piper's.
My lamb's ear flowers cover an area of my front walkway. The frosty green stems are not the most beautiful flowers but I knew I had to plant them after a visit to Temple Square in down town Salt Lake City one year. Being a city girl I had never seen this plant before. The temple grounds are inspiring year round but summer is the most beautiful I think. I find the texture of the lamb's ear most inspiring.Things inside my house inspire me, too. I love fabric with jumbo polka dots. Teapots inspire me. I think they are such a beautiful shape. Old buildings inspire me. This photo was taken years ago while on a visit to my roots in Pennsylvania in front of the old Reading Hospital where I was born. My mom (Freda) is with me in front of the building in the photo.
The teapot cross stitch was given to me by my mom probably 20 years ago or more. This vintage kitchen fabric quilt hangs in my kitchen. Old kitchen fabric and wallpaper inspire me. Obviously.
More teapot/teacups. This apple quilt is in my family room. The apples are from a group block exchange we did several years ago in our Alpine Quilt Group. My friends inspire me. When I look at this quilt it helps me think of the many ways friends inspire me.
More teapots made with Aunt Grace fabric. The rebirth of 30's fabric is one of the reasons I started making quilts with abandon.
I got these bowls at Amazon. They are new but retro. The shape, texture and colors of the bowls inspire me.
Cheaper than the real vintage bowls, these are microwavable and dishwasher safe. I love to put dishes and kitchen things in my quilts.

What inspires you?

Have a nice mid summer weekend. Can you believe we are half through July already? I always think of that on July 15 - Mr. Hive's birthday.



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