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I am a Finisher

I say I'm a finisher not to brag (Heavens No!) but to make myself feel like I'm accomplishing something in 2011. I have been on a finish roll this month and I have to tell you it feels really good.
I have a difficult time positioning quilt tops for photographing previous to the machine quilting. They are floppy and flimsy (yes, I love that name) and I don't like taking photos of them because of that. I had my daughter Laurie hold this one up for me but it doesn't do it justice because you really can't see the borders well.
This is my Cherry Cheesecake quilt top made from my Lori Holt pattern. I am so excited to be finished and get it sent off to the quilter. I really like the stripes in Lori's line of fabric so i wanted to use that piece for my outer border.
I used the red gingham for the corner pieces and I like how it turned out. I'm going to bind it in the red gingham when I get it home from the quilter. I think the red gingham will make the binding pop. I love this quilt. It was a joy to make. I must say the daisies did take me longer than I thought they would but I adore them.



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