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Micheline Klagsbrun's "Blue Morpho Nymph"

With cool blue skin against a bed of decorative organic shapes, the Morpho Nymph turns away from her viewers in a distant dreamlike manner. Although her position is opposite viewers, one can be pulled into her world like a curios child. Intricate details grace every inch of the canvas as the eye travels from the rounded, prominent hips of the figure to the butterfly-like patterns woven throughout brown and tan hues that surround her. There is a inhuman relevance to this piece, the figure takes on an avatar incarnation with beautiful grace. The use of electric blue paint to model the figure renders a living glow, which breathes life into the canvas' surface. White paint layered on on shades of blue highlight the figures skin, as if under a radiating, glowing light. The Blue Morpho Nymph is nestled in a bed of overlapping shapes moving inward and out, creating gentle movement as they give in to the weight of her mass. The composition of this piece also gives a unique repetition of shapes which compliment one another. With the lines that create the curves defining the figures leg and then continue onto the background, a sense of unison is clear. One can feel the inviting essence permeating from Klagsbrun's work immediately upon first glance.

The Blue Morpho Nymph is a sight to behold, graceful and delicate even down to the smallest detail, and worthy of nobility.

Tiffany Green- Marymount University


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