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Modern Monogram Quilt by A Little of This, A Little of That

Hey Ya'll! I'm Sarah from A Little of This, a Little of That.
I am SOOOO excited to be guest posting here at UCreate today! 
A few things about me!  
  • I'm a full time stay at home mom of two, with one on the way!  I try to soak up all the time I can with my children.  I feel like they are growing up much faster than I want!
  • I live in a small Texas town, and love it!  As a native Texan, all I can say is, Texas rocks!
  • And of course, I love to CRAFT, Decorate, and Sew!
Over at my blog, you'll find home decor crafts, DIY projects, sewing and much more.  I would love for you to stop by!
Today I'm going to give you a quick run down of how to make your own
{Modern} Monogram Quilt!
the Henry Quilt
The Taggart Quilt
Supplies Needed
1 yard of fabric for background
1.5 yards of fabric for the backing
1 yard of fabric for the edges and binding
1/4 yard fabric for the monogram and lettering
1/4 yard Heat n Bond for monogram and lettering
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape
*This quilt can be made any size you like, just adjust measurements according to your taste*
The total finished size of my quilt is:  48" wide by 50" long
Steps to an awesome quilt!
Cut 2 strips 4.5"x46" for the top and bottom edges
Cut 2 strips 4.5"x52" for the left and right edges
Cut one piece for the middle section of your quilt measuring 45" x 46"
Cut one piece for the backing measuring 50" x 52"
**Cut out your monogram-there are two ways to do this**
    1. If you have a cricut or silhouette, you can use that to cut out your monogram and letters.  I used my cricut; it was very easy and saved me time!
    2.  If you don't have a machine to do it for you, simply print off a large letter, cut it out, and trace it on your fabric.  Do the same for the lettering.  It will take you a little longer, but it is totally possible to make this without a craft machine.
With right sides together, pin and sew your top and bottom edge pieces to your large middle piece.
With right sides together, pin and sew your left and right edge pieces to your large middle piece.
Your quilt top should now look this this!
Apply heat-n-bond to the back of your monogram and lettering.
Peel off the paper backing, and place the letters on your quilt.  After you have them positioned, iron them on.
Time to applique!
Set your sewing machine to "satin stitch" or a zig zag stitch that is really close together.
Applique all lettering and your monogram.
I highly recommend using stitch-n-tear underneath your appliques. 
It will keep your fabric from puckering.
Now that you have appliqued all lettering to your quilt top, it's time to assemble your quilt.
Lay your backing fabric out, with the right side facing the floor.  (the wrong side should be facing up!)
Add a layer of batting
Lay your completed quilt top on top, right side up. (wrong side should be facing the batting)
Use large safety pins to hold your quilt together.  I used about 60 for my quilt.  This will keep the fabric from moving as you quilt the top.
**Time to quilt the top.  There are two ways to do this!**
    1.  Hand quilt.  This takes too much time for me, but can be very pretty!
    2.  Use a special quilting foot to do "free motion" quilting on your sewing machine. 
(This is what my quilting foot looks like; most quilting feet will look similar to this, no matter what brand sewing machine you have.)
Free motion quilting basically means that you can quilt in any pattern you want.  I do a swirl pattern all over my quilts.
After you have quilted the top (which will take a while), it's time to bind.
Fold under the top quilt edge once all the way around and stitch, like so:
Fold under your edge again and stitch in place.
…and you’re done!
the Henry Quilt
modern monogram quilt tutorial


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