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Mother's Day.....way too late. :D

So, I know it has been a long time since Mother's Day, but I thought I'd share some of what we did for Mama. We designed a treasure hunt for her at a nearby historic park with plenty of wildness and interesting places to hide things....and an excellent wall for walking on. :) Then Daniel, Sarah, and I went early and hid everything, making up a rhyming map for her with clues

Our Gentleman goofing off...

He looks mentally disturbed in this picture! :D

Me, rather fuzzy-haired and hot, holding the envelope we had scrawled the clues on...I look a tad deranged...courtesy of the High Society English Dinner Preparation preying on my home-maker's mind. ;) I was the faithful poem composer and I always got left behind scribbling while Daniel and Sarah ran ahead. No wonder my mind was mixed up enough to wish two guys "Happy Mother's Day!" :P

Abby looking on as Mama opens the first of her presents...

The Mother we love best...

She sent a "monkey" up and down the spots that would be hard for a pregnant woman to get to...guess we should have taken her maternal condition into consideration when we hid everything... ;) (Anna climbing up the steep hill-side)

All of us kids lined up on the wall. :) I have always loved walking on walls, ever since I was little and would pretend I was Leisl from The Sound of Music and Daniel was Fritz, in the "I am 16" scene... ;) Left to Right: Gracie, Abby, Benji, Anna, Leah, Sarah, Me, Daniel....And from the other direction...Gracie, Abby, Benji, Anna, Leah, Sarah, Me, Daniel
Too bad it's all in the shade...we need to take a family photo-shoot. :)

Sarah....I don't know what was up with this, but there is a superfluity of pictures of her in our "Mother's Day" folder.... ;)Leah and Sarah...And one more of My Gentleman....I think he might have been attempting to hitch-hike. ;)

I think I must have gotten stuck with the camera, because that one with the envelope is the only time I made my appearance in close-up pictures.... :D Have fun looking at them! :) (Even though they are terribly late.) ~Rachel


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