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The Saturday Morning Daybook. :)

Hello Everyone! :) I thought I'd do this weekly post hosted by Miss Jo March at Scraps today. :)

Date... July 2nd! :)
Starting time... 11:22 A.M. (thus, it's still the morning! :P)
Mood... Pretty good. Very hot. But excited about going to a Corn Roast later on!
Outside my window... the garden plot that we spent 3 hours weeding the sweet potato patch in this morning.
I'm thinking... Do I really have the energy to do all the weekend chores without Mom or Rachel here?! ;)
I'm currently reading... A Tale of Two Cities =) I really like it so far!
I'm listening to... ahem...Benj and Abby having a "heightened discussion" ;\
I'm wearing... My well-loved jeans skirt and my VA t-shirt! :)
I'm looking forward to... This entire weekend!! First the above mentioned Corn Roast at a friend's house this evening, then church, and then Independence Day and the free Picnic and fireworks our town holds every year! :)
I'm hoping... That in the next week or so Matthew and I can finally get together and do our photo-shoot!
Yesterday, I... Spent all day (7:15 in the garden, to 11:30 P.m. printing out flyers) working and preparing for today's market.
I'm hungry for... LUNCH! (I had a bowl of cereal at 7:45...but all that hoeing got me hungry!)
The song stuck inside my head is... None are quite stuck, but if any, "You are Being Loved" by Steven Curtis Chapman.
I love... Anticipation!! (in the good way (not the anxious, nervous kind)....that's what makes anything exciting! :)
I loathe... Having constant dry and dusty feet.... :P
This week, my goal is... to get through my wisdom teeth surgery well....and not be in too much pain...and not to worry too much about it! :P Also I wanna take more garden pictures...I haven't had the time to recently, and I really need to.
Did I meet last week's goal?... N/A
Ending time...11:32
(I'll take Miss Jo's idea and do a "Quote of the Week" :)
Quote(s) of the week..... "I feel like I'm drinking Grandmomma!" =D

"Roses are red, Sunflowers are yellow,
If you'll be my girl, I'll be your fellow!" ;)

(After a LONG, hard day of preparing for market ....) "These signs just fealed my sate." :D

Okay! Hope that was diverting! :) And all you guys have a blessed 4th of July weekend!!


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