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So Little Time, So Much To Do.

Well...the title says it all! :D This is the list I compiled while putting Gracie to bed:

The List of "If I were to have all the time and enough money to do as I pleased with my first graduated fall I would:"
  • Direct and put on a play, including scenery, costumes, and that sort of thing. Preferably a musical.
  • Teach an art class for the younger kids
  • Run a weekly field day and teach a nature class for the younger kids
  • Illustrate a whole children's book, as well as write it.
  • Make a movie-costume reproduction. (i.e. Meg March's forget-me-not blue dress, Queen Victoria's rose and gold ballgown, Emma Woodhouse's red coat [2009], Lizzy Bennet's dark blue Spencer jacket, Ann Shirley's charity-ball gown, etc.)
  • Design and make my own dress
  • Get to the point of no return in writing Puddleby Lane. (at least 1/2-way through)
  • Buy a pair of red shoes and wear them out
  • Start our Sweet Alyssum Etsy Shop
  • Read at least one more Dickens book
  • Make a hundred-point bucket list....maybe even 101 to even it out. ;)
  • Go out and paint with my field-case
  • Go to the Beauty and the Beast Broadway show, Josh Groban concert, or an opera.
  • Outfit a writing corner for myself....probably in the Reading Nook.
See? Dear me...I wish I wasn't so ambitious at times like this. ;) ~Rachel


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