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Society: Blunders and Brilliancy Movie Quote Quiz Answers!!! :)

1. "It's just this new small-talk: You do it so well!" "Well, if I did it properly, then what was you sniggering at?"

Answer: Freddie Einsford Hill and Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady--people who got it right: Melissa, Abigail, Jo March, and Nana & KK

"Yes, the library is fine. I wish I read more....I prefer being out of doors....of course, I can read...and I'm not suggesting one can't read out of doors..."
Answer: Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice (2005)--People who got it right: Melissa, Carrie, Nana & KK, and Abigail

3. "It's bad...." "Are you blind?! You look like a circus clown!"
Answer: Society girl and Eloise in Eloise at the Plaza. People who got it right: No one. :)

4. "You must give us either one thing clever, or three things very dull indeed."
"Three things very dull indeed...well, that will just do for me."
"Oh, but there may be a difficulty. You must limit it to only to three at once."
Answer: Frank Churchill, Miss Bates, and Emma Woodhouse from Emma -- People who got this right: Melissa, Abigail, Nana & KK, Jo March, Carrie, Maria Elisabeth

5. "Dancing is the ornament of every polished society."
"And every unpolished society--every savage can dance."
Answer: Sir William Lucas and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (1995)--People who got this right: Maria Elisabeth, Abigail, Jo March, Melissa, Nana & KK

6. *Gun shot* "Boring conversation anyway. Luke! We're gonna have company!"
Answer: Han Solo of Star Wars (pardon my slipping memory as to the name of the first movie)--People who got this right: Melissa, Jo March, Nana & KK, Abigail, Carrie

7. "Oh hey! What are you doin' here? I mean, it is your house but...."
Answer: Riley Poole in National Treasure 2--People who got this right: No one

8. "Cynthia. If you must have the last word, please don't let it be a truism."
Answer: Mrs. Gibson from Wives and Daughters--People who got this right: Carrie and Abigail

9. "You may, like us, admire her hair from a distance without taking the liberty of touching it."
Answer: Richard Carstone from Bleak House--People who got this right: Abigail

10. "I can hardly believe my ears!"
"*We* can hardly believe your mouth!"
Answer: Lord Tarleton and MP (Member of Parliament) from Amazing Grace--People who got this right: No one. :D

11. "More at home here, than in Vienna? In all your glittering salons, gossiping gaily with bores I detest, soaking myself in champagne...."
Answer: Georg VonTrapp in The Sound of Music--People who got this right: Maria Elisabeth and Jo March

12. "No light propitious shone..."
"Edward, you have no passion. Read it like this: "No LIGHT propitious shone!"
Answer: Edward Ferrars and Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility--People who got this right: Melissa, Nana & KK, Abigail, and Maria Elisabeth and Taylor Lynn

So, without further ado, and counting in the extra points for correct character identification, the scores stand as follows:

Taylor Lynn: 2 points
Carrie: 9 points
Jo March: 9 points
Maria Elisabeth: 12 points
Nana and KK: 14 points
Abigail: 15 points
Melissa: 15 points. :)

So that leaves me with a tie! Melissa and Abigail have both won the Society: Blunders and Brilliancy Movie Quotes Quiz. you gals want to try a tie-breaker quote? :) Here it is:

"Well, I'm sure he's a very good sort of man..."
"Yes...and I'm sure he kept a very good sort of shop before his elevation to knighthood!" :D

It's up to you two to break the tie or call a truce! ;) So, did you have fun with this themed movie-quote quiz? :)


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