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Studio Gallery Intern Review


A spirited ballerina leaps and twirls around the other female sculptures in the Studio Gallery's bottom floor on this hot summer day. However, this dancer is quite different from the other girls who have been sculpted to perfection from terra cotta with bronze patine materials. The ballerina has broad shoulders, strong arms, fit legs, and a white tutu that billows out around her. The other sculptures from Trish Palasik's collection watch in admiration as the ballerina spins and pliés with ease. She is gentle and poised as she bends and curves. The ballerina is in mid-Grand Jeté when she leans back, squares her shoulders, and closes her eyes as she feels the effects of movement and confidence rush through her. She remembers that the meaning of dancing is to enjoy oneself while putting on a good show. This ballerina's goal is to represent that anyone can be a ballerina. One doesn't have to be thin, beautiful and own a tutu to perform beautiful recitals and entertain a crowd. All that one needs is to have discipline, grace, and strength to pursue the art of dancing.

The ballerina raises her hands and poses as she completes her grand finale.

Sarah Botzer
Pratt Institute 2015


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