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We're Back! Albeit wisdom-less. :)

Well, here I am, lying in bed with icepacks on my face and a dizzy head, but okay after my wisdom teeth surgery.
*squints across to Sarah* Yep. She looks all right too. :P We got our teeth taken out yesterday morning. I was first, and my surgery went pretty well. I think the Doctor said my surgery was a little more severe than Sarah's because my teeth were more impacted. :P
But overall the surgery part was pretty much pleasant. I didn't feel the i.v. go in, and only heard their voices and the drill without feeling anything. The only thing I didn't like was that the blood-pressure machine kept squeezing me, like every five minutes. But once I was asleep I didn't feel it. :)

However, we are both doing well and not in *much* pain. (Except when we didn't have our medicine yet and I took a sip of icewater and burst into tears. :'(
Apparently we were both pretty loopy when we got home. I leaned on Dad till we got into the house, stumbled into the study, sat down, flopped over, and was asleep. Then I finally hauled myself upstairs and into bed where I awoke a short while later to find Sarah in her bed beside me. :P We slept a great deal of yesterday, watched The Young Victoria, and tried to read a little.
Unfortunately my pain medicine makes me feel yucky, so I'm trying to survive off of ibuprofen until Mama calls the pharmacy to change my prescription....I have 45 minutes till I can take my next dose...think I can make it?..... :/
Sarah's the good little patient who eats *all* her food when it's given to her, who doesn't feel ill every time she swallows her pain stuff, and who sleeps through the night....(Well, there is a story about *that* one... ;)
Well, I'm beginning to feel sleepy again. Just thought I'd give you guys an update! :P We took some pictures so as soon as our sense of humor comes back we'll post them! ;)


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