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I joined in with Penny's Yo Yo quilt along last week. I've made 101 yo yo's already. My husband can't understand why I'd want to make hundreds of pieces that look like little French hats. :) If I make the coverlet as the quilt along directs, it will use 24 (!!!) yards of fabric. I have to say, that idea is quite appealing to me, as I'm always trying to do some stash busting.

On the flip side, did you see that Connecting Threads is having a thread sale? 30% off their single spool cotton Essential threads, which means the individual spools are only $1.74! I had to do a bit of restocking in my personal thread stash. And while I was there, I may have ordered some solids (some of those are on sale, too). Ok, now I'm just being a bad influence...


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