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Baby Update! :)

We are all on pins and needles over here...
Mama is scheduled for an induction at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning! We'd really appreciate prayer that all goes smoothly and that Mama can relax and have this baby quickly!
But imagine that! By this time tomorrow...we will either have our new baby brother in our arms or he'll be coming *very* soon! :) It's gonna be crazy though: This little man is the third child in our family to be born on August 6th! He will join Sarah and Leah as the Irish Triplet. ;)
I can't wait to see him and post pictures! Our babies are some of the cutest I've ever seen...though I know every family thinks theirs are the cutest! But truly, our babies look like the Gerber baby food babies. All round and pink with big blue eyes and hardly any hair.
So sweet! :) Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow night we'll have a post up to introduce you to our wee man! (Gracie wants to name him "Trike", and Daniel has declared that his nickname. :) We have a better name chosen for his real name, though! Any guesses? (people who don't already know) Oh! And here's a hint. We always chose a Bible name for the baby's first name. :)


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