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A Birthday-ish Sort of Post. :)

So, in case any of you followers didn't know, these 2 months of the summer (July and August) host more than 1/2 of our family's birthdays! Which means, a
lot of celebrating, a lot of wrapping-of-presents, and a lot of cake! :D
Today I'd thought I'd show you how a normal birthday in our house works. :)
In the days previous to the birthday, Mom goes to the future birthday girl or boy and gets their preferences for the meals on their big day. Then there's the question: What kind of cake will it be? Mom is very kind and lenient in that area and allows us kids to pick whatever we want! :)

So "the" day has come. You wake up, realize it's already 8:30, and slightly panic that you slept in too late!---But then a delicious realization comes upon you that it actually is your birthday!! :) You cautiously proceed by going downstairs (making sure that the way is clear from all secrets) and look at a beautiful array on the table! Alot of times it's something like cinnamon rolls, fruit, sausage and one of our favorite drinks: Orange Julius!

(One of Leah's "birthday breakfasts" :)

Ahh....after a delightfully full tummy, you are told that you are totally off of chores and the day is your own to do anything your pretty little mind thinks of! We all enjoy this special treat of being completely free for an entire day. :) It's usually spent reading that book you've only had a few bits of time to spend on it, playing your instrument, catching up on writing to your dear friends, drawing, writing, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of your family has been covering for you in the daily schedule and preparing your birthday cake and dinner! :)
Now---before I go any further I need to tell you som
Mom is a fabulous cake-maker.
She really is.
You know, icing and flowers are all pretty and nice most of the time....
But I absolutely adore the way my Mom makes ours.
Every birthday cake feels, unique, different, and even more special and creative than the last. :)
Let me show you:

(One of my personal favorites: A Candy Land cake! =)

(Benjamin's birthday is Dec. 21st, thus a Christmas Tree Cake!)

(Isn't this so cool?! The Bag of Skittles cake! (and see how the "corner" of the bag is ripped open with Skittles pouring out?!)

(Wow! I forgot how great this cake looked! It was my "Black Forest Cake" from a couple years back. :)(This is what Daniel chose for his cake a while back! :D)

(Mom also does great "Teddy Graham Beach Party" cakes!!)

(A Cat Cake....actually this was a hint to what Rachel's main present would turn out to be! :D)

(Haha! An interesting picture of Gracie, but it's the best one of the cake I could find. :) A birthday princesses' dream cake! =)

(An icecream cake Mom made for me last year! :) I don't really know what's up with all the different number candles! :P)

(And yet again, I have forgotten how fantasticly she did this one!:)

Okay! Well, anyhow, later that evening, all the local extended family comes over and you have a PARTY!!! =) Which includes opening presents, playing games, and eating your cake!
I hope you all enjoyed this post :)
p.s. there is another reason I thought to do this particular post......I'm really looking forward to my birthday in 3 days!!! :D


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