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Our Home-Grown Diva ;)

Well, I guess it was bound to happen at some point. After all...she *has* been the youngest child, and a girl for that matter, for almost 5 years now.
Our Gracie is about the sweetest thing running, and has the personality of...of I don't know what. Something huge.
Something famous.
Something mighty extraordinary.
Something utterly huggable.

She's like...Shirley Temple with the wit of an Elizabeth Bennett, the drama of Eloise, and the sense of style that belongs to...and I guess here I come to my confession....

I'm afraid we've raised just a little bit of a diva.

Witness her quotes in the past two days:

"Oh most honored one, you can turn on a movie for me."

*Gives me a hug* "I love you. Now you can bow down."

"Umm...I think I'm gonna go in the pool and float around with my glasses." (purple-tinted shades. Oh yeah. ;)

*Sigh*...oh little baby-who's-coming-soon, you've got a Persian Princess on your hands. ;) ~Rachel


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