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Some things I hadn't realized I miss. :)

Hello! Sarah here. :) As Mom is due to have our little brother any day now (!!!!!) I've been really thinking and noticing that there are some things that haven't been around the house for 3 years, that have now entered, due to this special soon-to-be occasion. For example:

Baby clothes. For the past years, the only place in the house you could find these would be in the girl's baby doll bin! We've been given and have collected a good selection of these, and actually....I got to run the first load of baby clothes in the laundry! :D

A Diaper Bag! Again, this has been out of our house and daily schedule for 3 years at least! While at Wal-Mart, Mom was looking at all the cute ones they have, for she received a gift card from a very kind friend, and needs a new one of these badly. :)

yep! This too, is totally absent from our daily routine, but in a very short time will come right back in!
..and what are these called?! ;) Oh, yeah. There's already a package of these residing here, in wait for the arrival. :)

Now, of course comes the main attraction. ;)
The baby itself! (oh, and just in case anyone's wondering, I did *not* take any of these pictures, and don't own the rights to them at all. Also, our babies are the cutest, chubbiest, smiliest, cutest, most adorable, little bundles you've every seen!)

Aww! Who doesn't love tiny,chubby, baby feet? :)<3
Oh, and you can't forget the sweet dream smiles! :D
Wow. It's been way too long since this house has heard the sound of a newborn crying their hearts out.

Don't they look really funny when the stretch their teensy mouth to let out a huge yawn?

Okay. So now you see everything I'm looking forward to when our little brother comes. :)
And as a quick update: Mom's due date is in exactly one week today. She is definitely feeling at the end, and most of us think he'll be coming some time this week! :) So, if ya'll would just keep Mom in prayer as she prepares for the delivery and that she'll be all rested. :)


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