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Studio Gallery First Friday: Unseen

Studio Gallery's all member show, Unseen, brings together the different and stunning styles of our artists. It is our last show before the gallery's doors close for the summer so be sure to stop by! This show combines a range of mediums such as paintings, photography, mixed media, sculptures, and even an elaborate installation. The pieces come in different sizes, from Harriet Lesser's small piece "Here and There" to Brian Kirk's bold sculpture "Summer Squashman". The sculptures are all different shapes and sizes, Trish Palasik's "Torso" depicts a torso that is bending, which creates movement. Jacqui Crocetta's eerie mixed media piece "Gestation" looks like a black cocoon filled with multicolored balls that appear like eggs. One of the brightest pieces in the show is Nancy Frankel's wood and acrylic sculpture "Ode to Color", the geometric tower holds brightly colored cubes that are very appealing to the eye. Iwan Bagus' out of the ordinary series "Displaced Objects" is always an eye catcher in the gallery, his image "Displaced Objects 06" is of a tree and a deer head tied to the side of it. The different yet harmonious objects brilliantly share the space. Although these are all striking pieces, artists like Andrew Acquadro, Jan Villem van der Vossen, and Freda Lee-McCann will definitely broaden your idea of art with their pieces. Be sure to come by the gallery to see the art, talk to the artists, and pick up a brochure that list all of the pieces in the show and give a brief history of the gallery. See you there!

First Friday:
August 5, 2011

Studio Gallery
2108 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20008


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