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Studio Gallery Intern Review

I Spy an Illusive Piece of Art

Elena Stamberg's mixed media piece “Green Alternative to Corporate Jets” is like an I Spy book. The reader (or viewer in this case) must find a gigantic flying moth, enormous flowers sprouting from the ground, and three mischievous women. Among the teal and purple polka dotted grass, the viewer has to spot a lama hidden between a row of zebras. Next to find are the eight dissolving white rims of dust* in the pale yellow and silver sky. Finally, the viewer must search for 15 orange X marks in the lower foreground of the canvas piece. The I Spy-like art is intriguing and youthful. It's blue animalistic prints on the left hand side and whimsical green shapes add to the chaotic themes of the piece. This is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces of art in the Unseen All-Member Show.

Sarah Botzer
Pratt Institute 2015


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